Company Profile

Company profile:

Founded in 2015, LIGHTBRINGER is an innovative start-up based in the UK.

Our unique end-to-end patented system aims to save lives.

The company comprises a successful team of engineering experts, managers and scientists from universities and worldwide research laboratories who are all passionate about creating technology that protects both businesses and people wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Specialists in the development of security apps and software, our team invented a sophisticated health monitoring Artificial Intelligence technology, combined with a new generation of Biometric Sensors, to create an enhanced level of protection that is global in every sense of the word.

Not only does it work 24/7 and wherever you are in the world (*), the technology has benefits for all corners of society, from the fit and strong to the vulnerable and at risk.

Our R&D team moved to a bigger and better home in Tenerife in 2018, where a pipeline of exciting new products is being developed, including an all in one multiple disease device. Visit

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Our Vision

Global standard for personal health & safety prevention and rescue.