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Protecting people is everyone’s business

For organisations and businesses employing workers in remote, lone locations or in critical positions of responsibility, our pioneering technology offers priceless benefits. For the military, employers of transport workers and drivers and remote oilrig workers, this solution connects staff with medical resources for ultimate peace of mind, reduced risk and increased well-being. If your workers are responsible for the safety of customers, the Guardian Angel will not only protect employees, but your customers and the reputation of your business too, through reducing the risks of health-based performance issues.

Robust technology, protecting the most vulnerable

With the aging population seeing a rise in elderly people retaining their independence in their own homes and warden-controlled accommodation, the Guardian Angel will be a vital enhancement to the medical care available. The wearable device and medical resources behind it are operational around the clock, offering invaluable support and peace of mind to the wearer, their families and the organisations responsible for their care.


24/7 Protection

No action required

Help is always at hand when you most need it. No need to make that emergency call. All you have to do it register your details, wear the DREAMWEAVER wristband and activate the service.  That’s it! Lightbringer does all the rest for for you! Easy!

Android and Apple

Available for Android and Apple smartphones.

Easy to use

From children to seniors, LIGHTBRINGER is easy to use anywhere, any time. Regardless of where you are, at work, at home on holiday or playing sports, your “guardian angel” will protect you with no intervention from yourself.

Fast Intervention

Our Operations Centre intervenes immediately in case of need.

How does it work?

  • An annual service operates through an app, available on Android and Apple smartphones
  • State-of-the-art sensors within the wearable wristband device collect data from the skin and is analysed through sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms to build a virtual bespoke picture of your health
  • Device is worn 24/7 for best results
  • Any negative changes are picked up by sensors and processed by the Artificial Intelligence that can trigger an alarm to an Operations Centre
  • Can detect falls or loss of consciousness through changes in body temperature, heart rate and movement
  • The Operations Centre will be able to detect your location and dispatch medical assistance if necessary, acting as a real personal crisis unit
  • No voluntary action required by the user
  • Privacy is ensured by encrypted transmissions and highly protected cloud databases
  • The system retains only seven days of health data and cancels the oldest data with sophisticated processes based on certified military standards.
  • Health data is stored for seven days anonymously and then cancelled unless a negative event occurs.
App features
The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel

  • Monitors vital health signs and data 24/7
  • Personal security watchdog
  • Travel medical services for non-emergency medical needs (repatriation included) with world wide cover (four trips per year of max 15 days each).
  • State of the art, user-friendly non-invasive wearable device (it can also be hidden under clothes for security purposes)
  • Vital alert system in the case of medical emergency connecting the wearer to emergency services wherever they are in the entire world (*)
  • Resourced by Doctors and security and specialist rescue operators 24/7 acting as a real personal crisis unit
The Ultimate Protection

The Ultimate Protection

  • It works independently - no action required by the user
  • Perfect for lone workers, transport workers, military workers, the vulnerable such as elderly, disabled and children, travellers, sports professionals
  • Unique, pioneering app-based technology developed by global security engineering experts and highly acclaimed scientists
  • Alternative wearable devices available and in development
  • Health data is secure and protected
  • Global product with multi-lingual response centres

Service Overview

App + DREAMWEAVER + AI + Operations Center = LIGHTBRINGER
  • Multiplatform: Android - Apple
  • Need Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0+)
  • Need Internet access
  • Use GPS for geolocalization
  • Battery life: 5 days
  • Sensors
    • Heartbeat with beat-to-beat detection
    • Skin surface temperature (-35°C - 100°C)
    • Proximity
    • Detection of accidents and falls
  • Non allergenic medical grade
  • Panic button
  • Dust and fresh water resistant - IP67
  • 24/7 service
  • Worldwide
  • The alarms are sent automatically to the Operations Centre
Operations Center
  • Staffed by professionals
  • Operates all over the world
  • Responds in:
    • Italian
    • French
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish
  • Medical support inside the Operations Center, for a greater speed of understanding of the problem